24 Pack of DIVINIA Water


Divinia is water in glass bottles and delivered right to you!


We renature water and bring it back to its original clean form.


DIVINIA is the only bottled water proven Exclusion Zone, deuterium depleted, & highly energetic (naturally bioavailable oxygen and hydrogen) by independent research conducted at 7 American universities!


And now, get EVEN MORE of the water you love! Receive 24 bottles of award winning DIVINIA Water right to your home.


Packaged in 16 oz recyclable glass bottles, DIVINIA's benefits make it a necessity to have at the gym, office, school, or even in the car. Take clean, pure, hydrating, cellular water with you no matter where you go.


This order is for 24 bottles.


Each bottle is made of 35% recycled glass. Measured at <1.00 ppm for contaminants.


24 Pack of DIVINIA Water

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  • Ingredients: Renature water process; double distilled EXCLUSION ZONE/DEUTERIUM DEPLETED WATER 

    0.00 TDS


    Total 24 16 oz. bottles.


    This is the “go to” of all our water products. 1x water has been refined once through our proprietary process and is an excellent everyday drinking water. Drink as you would drink water normally; use to make tea or coffee.