Making the First Impression - Water Wednesdays Blog Posts (Q&A)

At Divinia we get a lot of questions that range from topics of health to who we are, and I thought answering some of your questions might be a good start for some insight into our company.

1. Where are you based out of?

We are a small family business based out of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

2. Who is your CEO?

Steven Sedlmayr, CEO/Dad/Grandpa, is an accomplished inventor, scientist, and engineer who has over 20 patents issued in his name. He won a National Science Foundation grant when he was just 16 and began his professional career in rocket science as a teenager. In the mid-80s he helped pioneer high definition television and used his technology to take a company of his public.

3. How many people work for Divinia?

There are 4 of us who work full-time. We are all family and we have dedicated all hours of our days to develop the company, work with customers directly, bottle water on-site, and more.

4. Your prices are a little high. How come?

Simple supply and demand. It takes over 8 hours per Divinia filtration to purify 3 gallons of water - this is because we take quality very seriously. As we grow, we've added faster, commercial purifiers. With faster filtering and more machines we look to bring prices down even more. As supply grows we can meet more demand and bring prices down through economies of scale. As a comparison, the price of Divinia is only $0.02 or $0.03 cents more per ounce than VOSS, with much higher purity and quality control.

5. Are you in Whole Foods/Sprouts/food stores?

We are working on this! This is a part of our expansion plan and hope to be present on a shelf near you in the future. If you would like to see us at your local store, please ask your manager to carry Divinia (this helps us a ton with Whole Foods).

If you're reading this then "thanks!" This is our first ever blog post and we'd like to make this a new feature on our site, so be sure to check out our blog every Wednesday for a new post from one of us at Divinia Water.

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