Our Untold Origin

Believe it or not, DIVINIA’s origins started 25 years ago - and it did not start with water.

In 1994, Steven and his wife, Remy, were stopped at a red light when their car was suddenly rear-ended by another driver traveling over 50 mph. Steven and Remy suffered major brain and spinal injuries due to whiplash, with Steven sustaining a closed head injury and concussion.

The injury ultimately impacted his memory, coordination, and speech.

The year following the accident was one of the most arduous for Steven and his family. Often forgetting where his children went to school, how to dress himself, or dial a phone number, Steven’s doctors told Remy that she would need to be his caretaker for the rest of his life. Making matters worse, his team of doctors and neurologists wanted to conduct exploratory brain surgery because they were having difficulty assigning a prognosis and treatment. They prescribed medications but could not offer more help.

Frustrated but determined, parts of Steven’s deep-seated personality started to show (mainly his stubborn and persistent nature) which the led to his pursuit in seeking better solutions for himself and his family.

Steven began spending days doing research at the library, speaking to people in herbal stores, and collecting advice from his chiropractor and acupuncturist. He sought healthier and natural remedies to restore his memory loss and brain function, even if the results were minute.

With his wife's help, Steven concocted herbal recipes for brain health, that he blended and encapsulated at home. He started to make small but measurable progress until one day, it hit.

One morning, while working at his computer, Steven had a breakthrough. The rush to his brain was so quick and so impactful, he had to put his head in his hands. "It was like getting hit with a train," Steven says. "It was as though all of my memories came flooding back and all of my synapses firing again. I started crying because old memories became clear to me and I remembered important details that were a part of my life."

It was that experience that eventually put Steven on the path to exploring effective, useful, healthy and natural remedies that could benefit his overall wellness.

Seven short years later, Steven invented the proprietary process for purifying DIVINIA Water. What started as a way to purify water for his family became a life's passion to give people clean, functional water.

"It was that experience that taught me to discover and share exceptional alternatives. Water is the basis to everything." Steven continues, "I know that water is the most paramount 'tincture' to life. I know that we feel and perform better when we are truly hydrated. It's important to me that I have real, significant cellular hydration to maintain my health."

Today, Steven works with his wife, son, daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter (she's three but she helps when she can) and friends to build a water brand that you and your family can trust on your individual journeys to health, well-being, and fulfillment.

Steven concludes: "If there's one thing I learned it would be that if I didn't have the experiences I did, I don't think I would appreciate the value of DIVINIA. I see what it has done for me, my family, and numerous others. I would not change a thing because everything we've been through in the past is why we are here today, hopefully improving the lives of many more."

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