3 Fresh Uses for DIVINIA at Home: In the Kitchen

Clean or purified water is often associated as "boring" drinking water. At DIVINIA, we like to keep things interesting! Below are 3 tried and true ways to use ultra-pure water to make non-toxic fruit/vegetable preserves, ice and vegetable spray.

Home Use #1: Preserving Fruits and Vegetables

Water, especially pure water, plays an important role in canning. Many pickling or preserving recipes call for clean water for a few reasons. One, water without minerals or buildup maintains the produce's shape; water with minerals can stiffen or harden fruits and veggies after a long period of time. Secondly, minerals in water can influence flavor. If the fruit or vegetables are preserved in pure water (like DIVINIA) flavors can be enhanced. Lastly, tap water or unfiltered water can harbor bacteria and viruses. By keeping your preserves in purified water you can extend the life of your food!

Home Use #2: Ice

This is a no-brainer - clear water means clear ice! We like to use stainless steel ice trays to keep the ice free from microplastics and uniform in shape. One of the great benefits in making ice with DIVINIA is that if it melts then you are still drinking EZ water! Additionally, DIVINIA ice is amazing to use in blended drinks and smoothies. This is particularly beneficial if ingredients include organic fruits or vegetables, that way your drink is free from contaminants. Many customers relay to us that they love having DIVINIA ice in their iced coffees or teas made with DIVINIA.

Home Use #3: Non-Toxic Vegetable Spray

Since we know how pure DIVINIA is, we like to use it as an ingredient for non-toxic recipes. The vegetable spray we use at home is easy and works great to scrub produce! All you need is a spray bottle filled with 4 parts DIVINIA, 1 part white vinegar, and teaspoon (or tablespoon based on preference) of pure lemon juice. Shake to mix. Spray and leave for 5 minutes before rinsing. Scrub produce before rinsing if it looks dirty.