3 Reasons We Fall for Autumn

One of the beautiful things about transitioning into a new season is change. When we move from summer into fall, the days get shorter and the air becomes crisp. We bundle up and begin to hunker down for the colder months ahead (while drinking good water to stay hydrated in the dry, freezing temps) - and with autumn comes seasonal benefits. All of us at DIVINIA love that fall is in full swing, and below are some of the reasons you might love changes, too!

Fresh Eats

One of the benefits of the fall is the array of fresh fruits and vegetables that grow in season and ready to enjoy! Fall fruits and vegetables are not only nutrient dense, but also make for healthy snacks or savory dishes.

Some of the natural foods you can find this fall:

Fruit - apples, pears, cranberries, figs and grapes.

Vegetables - pumpkins, peppers, kale, squash and broccoli.

We found this gluten-free, vegan kale salad recipe that includes apples and cranberries and it looks delicious!

Stay Cool

Cooler and colder weather can offer a myriad of health benefits. Studies have found that lower temps can lead to reduced inflammation, fewer allergies, and increased fat burn; all of these are just some of the ways you can improve your health during the cooler months. Fall is a great time to go for walks, enjoy the outdoors, get exercise and improve your mood!

Learn more about how to derive health benefits from cold weather at Maryland Primary Care Physicians.

Sleep On It

Did you know that room temperature is one of the biggest factors for sleep quality? According to Healthline, studies show people have a difficult time cooling off in the summer which impacts their overall sleep patterns and quality.

The ideal room temperature is around 68 degrees, allowing your body to cool itself in deep sleep.

And don't forget: you gain an hour of sleep when the clocks go back on November 7th!