3 Unique Ways to Use EZ Water at Home!

DIVINIA Is More Than Just Drinking Water

When the company was first started, we compounded our own skincare products using herbal ingredients and DIVINIA Water. Our lotions and face cleansers went from being shared among family members to being spread among friends. From there, DIVINIA actually sold skincare on the first generation of our website!

Customers often request some of these recipes to recreate the self-care products at home...

Although we no long offer the other products through the website (we are now 100% focused on bottled water), below are three "simple ingredient" uses for DIVINIA that we still love making at home!

Home Use #1: Homemade Micellar Water All of us at DIVINIA are big proponents of knowing what is in your food and water! But it's just as important to know what is in your skincare, too. According to some experts, people can absorb up to 5 lbs of toxins a year just from cosmetics alone. For a clean face, we love to mix DIVINIA with olive oil. Olive oil has numerous studied benefits, including anti-cancerous and anti-bacterial properties. For a natural, soothing micellar water mix 1 - 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed, unfiltered is best) with 16 ounces of DIVINIA. Since DIVINIA is highly energetic, the oil will mix beautifully and suspend as micelles in the water. Get better results by mixing in a blender. Pour over a clean, organic cotton pad until soaked and wipe over face and neck. Use as many times as needed until skin is clean; do in place of cleanser and moisturizer or use as part of a routine for double cleansing! Home Use #2: Homemade Deodorant Like skincare, it's paramount to understand additives in products applied topically... and deodorant is one biggie. Some of the most widely used ingredients in deodorant are aluminum, parabens, and artificial colors and fragrances. Our solution for a natural, anti-microbial deodorant is, again, very easy and simple: In a 4 or 6 ounce spray bottle (they can easily get picked up at most natural food stores) mix 1 part Frankincense with 4 parts DIVINIA. If you'd like, you can also add 1 part lavender for calming, anti-inflammatory benefits. Spray generously underarms, wait until dry, and spray again. Home Use #3: Homemade Mouthwash We love this mouthwash, especially since we prefer mouth rinses that don't include alcohol. Our recipe is pretty simple - 4 parts DIVINIA, 4 parts peroxide, and 10 - 12 drops of peppermint oil. Shake vigorously and store in a cool place.

We hope lists, and lists like these in the future, give you ideas for unique ways to use DIVINIA that are easily incorporated into your holistic and healthy everyday living.

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