Brain Dehydration and Alcohol: Hydration and Brain Health

The brain is made up of approximately 85% of water so what you eat and drink is vitally important to maintain head health, especially as you get older (looking at you 30's and above). In a large study released by the University of Pennsylvania just earlier this month, researchers describe the impact of light to moderate drinking on brain size. In summary from Science Daily: "Researchers analyzed data from more than 36,000 adults that found a link between drinking and reduced brain volume that begins at an average consumption level of less than one alcohol unit a day -- the equivalent of about half a beer -- and rises with each additional drink."

To many researchers and medical doctors the findings are likely not surprising. Alcohol is known to dehydrate and strip the body of nutrients, which is one major reason why regular consumption can lead to shrinkage in brain size. A mind without proper, clean hydration can lead to depression, fatigue, learning disabilities, inability to focus, and hormonal imbalances, and numerous other problems. Remember...over 80% of your brain is made up of water!

On the occasion that you do decide to drink, doctors suggest you drink as much water as possible. We, of course, are partial to DIVINIA and so are many of our customers who have personally alluded that drinking DIVINIA keeps hangovers at bay. Hangovers are due, in large part, to dehydration and your body trying to adjust! The right biological hydration is imperative to naturally maintaining the health of your brain and body no matter how much or little alcohol is consumed. Here are some tips to keep your brain and body hydrated at healthy levels while drinking:

1. Before you drink: Don't wait until you are at the bar or party to finally start hydrating! Good hydration begins in the morning just after you get up - this is particularly important if you are active or working out right before you drink. This tip isn't just reserved for days of partying; staying well hydrated everyday is essential to a happy, well-functioning brain!

Before you pick up any glass be sure to know your limit. Pushing yourself past a drink or two can be dangerous for your brain and can create long term deficiencies if it occurs regularly, as this study suggests. The inability to limit alcohol may also be a sign of alcoholism which will need to be discussed with your doctors.

2. While you drink:

As said in the first tip, don't wait to drink water until right before you imbibe. That said, continue to drink water even during and after your favorite beer or cocktail. This will help your body flush out toxins and help keep your brain functioning properly. An old German friend once told us that drinking one glass of water to one glass of alcohol is particularly effective to stave off sickness, but if you could boost the ratio to 1 glass of alcohol to 1.5 of water then even better!

3. After you drink:

Clean water and a clean diet is our favorite and most effective tip. Drinking pure water like DIVINIA means your body doesn't have to expend energy in separating beneficial h2o from solids or salts. Hydration can go directly to your cells with little effort. To replace electrolytes and vitamins lost from drinking, give your body clean energy through nutrient-dense foods likes bananas, spinach, kale, avocados, and dried apricots. Because coffee is a diuretic wait until late morning for your favorite cuppa, and be sure to have a large glass of water beforehand.

Of course the information above is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always speak to your doctor about your health! And seek help from professionals if you believe you or any loved one has an issue with alcohol.

Though the best way to avoid brain aging and shrinking is to limit or avoid alcohol completely the occasional drink during a party or holiday can be an enjoyable part of any celebration, especially when enjoyed responsibly! If you do decide to sip just be sure to chase it with a healthy dose of hydration. In the end there is nothing else better than to cheers to staying safe and staying healthy!

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