Don't Be Fooled - Lower Isn't Always Better When It Comes to Deuterium Depleted Water

What is DIVINIA's deuterium level? Doesn't DDW have to be extremely low to make a difference?

We are not simply seeking to offer the lowest deuterium depleted water - we are, however, striving to be the best water, overall. The deuterium depletion is just one of many significant attributes associated with DIVINIA.

We have been asked numerous times what the ideal level of DDW is. DIVINIA's deuterium depletion is the same as Hunza spring water, which is independently studied for its benefits for the Hunza people who live long, healthy lives. By any and all scientific standards, DIVINIA is deuterium depleted at around 130 ppm, making it ideal for every day hydration! Though useful in urgent cases, drinking extremely low levels of deuterium depleted water daily may be dangerous or have deleterious effects, as it may inhibit cellular growth or turnover. Furthermore, many other brands that offer extremely low deuterium depletion suggest that you dilute their concentration with other water to be 130 ppm. DIVINIA is already at the ideal level, without any other water added; plus, DIVINIA's purity and oxygenation are additional benefits that no other DDW brand has.

Scientifically speaking, deuterium-depleted water (DDW) is water with a lower concentration of deuterium than what occurs naturally (approximately 155 ppm); the depletion in DIVINIA is independently verified by an American university and an American institution.

We did not set out to "create" a deuterium depleted water, but rather the depletion is a natural product of our purification; the deuterium depletion in DIVINIA is not artificially driven down or forced.

Most water is around 155 ppm and, though, 15% decrease may not seem like much, the Griffiths Theory suggests the adverse biological effect of deuterium goes by the square of the concentration. Additionally, more doctors and naturopaths are telling people about DIVINIA because the concentration is not too aggressive or drastic.