Everything You Have Been Told About Water is Wrong

I am very lucky. I have the chance to speak with many wonderful customers day in, day out, who are curious about the science and technology behind our very special functional water. In speaking with these people I learn what is important to them, especially when it comes to water. Recently, I have been asked more often about drinking purified/distilled water:

"Is purified water found in nature?"

"Isn't distilled water dead water?"

"Doesn't it strip your body of MINERALS?"

Our sole purpose is to purify water and support scientific research of water - nothing else. What we write on our website and blog comes directly from first-hand research being done on Divinia (and water overall) by leading scientists in the field. It is important to us because we want to be transparent, we want to empower you with information, and we want to be the leading-edge of science and technology. It's beyond promoting a lifestyle. It's about sustaining an approach for longevity and health.

Earlier last week, I spoke to a woman who began drinking Divinia and was curious to know if it was vapor distilled. I told her that Divinia's proprietary process would fall under the category of distilled (there is no other category that would fit since it's pioneering technology), but that the implications of Divinia go beyond that. After some back and forth, she came to the conclusion that Divinia is like a better version of rain water and I like that comparison because it emphasizes a few things:

1. Distillation is a natural method of purification; just look at the hydrological cycle which is the cycle water takes on Earth - going from states of liquid, solid, and vapor. With the help of Dr. Pollack, we have learned that water has a 4th phase, which is known as a plasma; this is the phase where our water lie, per Dr. Pollack's research on Divinia Water. This 4th phase of water seems to sit just between the liquid and solid state, and has unique characteristics down the molecular level.

Distillation or vapor distillation means that we, as humans, have access to clean water without using chemicals. Given today's issues with bottled and tap water, it is refreshing to have an origin of purely hydrating water that doesn't contain chemicals, like chlorine, to kill bacteria.

2. Distilled water does not mean that it is "dead water". If you are the kind of person who loves stream water, then you will probably love rain water, too. After all, what is more alive than water from the heavens? Live water tends to evoke thoughts of "energy" or "movement" which Divinia has in spades, per the research from Dr. Pollack and Dr. Roy who measured Divinia's energy signature at 270 nm.

The biggest difference, though, is that rain water isn't as pure as it used to be. Given the rapid rates of industrialization, pollution, use of pharmaceuticals, etc. there remains no source of clean water. So, just because distilled water is devoid of solids does not mean it cannot be beneficial in hydration (more below)!

As for the pH? Because there are no chemicals that fluctuate the balance of the water, distilled or purified water easily sits neutral on the pH scale.

3. Our ancestors drank distilled water. Since distillation is a very natural physical process it should be no surprise that our ancestors drank distilled water for thousands of years. It wasn't always easy to find clean sources of water, even back then. Ancient Egyptian tombs revealed the society's methods of clarifying water through boiling or heating it in the sun. In fact, the oldest book in the Bible mentions distilled water as a gift from God: “For he draws up the drops of water, HE DISTILLS HIS MIST IN THE RAIN which the skies pour down, AND DROP UPON MAN ABUNDANTLY.” - Job 36: 27

Some argue that distilling and/or purifying water removes "necessary" minerals. That is partially true. Although distilled water removes all solids, you must consider how much your body actually benefits from minerals in drinking water. By calculations, water makes up less than 10% of your necessary daily minerals. Some doctors postulate that to obtain your required mineral intake, you would need to drink a bathtub's worth of mineral water. You derive more nutrients from food and supplements than you do water, and you benefit more from clean water without minerals than you do polluted water with some minerals.

Furthermore, water is known as the "universal solvent" in the scientific community; this goes for ANY kind of water, not just distilled. This is because, over time, water erodes inorganic, crystalline structures like rocks... just think of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River.

Why doesn't water erode our bodies? Because we are not only made of minerals and heavy metals. We are made of fat, tissue, and water which makes us perfect vessels for absorbing h2o. Anything water "leaches" away is stuff that your body isn't using or can't use anyway; the good nutrients have already been assimilated into the cell cannot be stripped away. Additionally, your kidneys do an excellent job of regulating minerals and other chemicals coursing your body, and drinking clean water can help flush your kidneys of any toxins.

Eating a balanced, nutritional diet and drinking clean water is the healthiest way to treat your body.

Where do myths of distilled water come from?

After years, days, and hours of research I have yet to find where this myth originates whether it be from a specific scientific study or doctor. I have, however, have found numerous studies from around the world, spanning decades, that cannot explicitly prove that drinking distilled water is "bad." I have, though, found all sorts of articles outlining that drinking hard water, laced with too many minerals and metals, can be bad for child development with possible negative future implications. This blog is similar to my path of research, noting many of the studies are conducted in Germany and Russia with little to no research currently being done in the states.

My feeling is that this myth comes from bottled water companies or those selling home water purifying systems. Many of these companies find their margins by peddling semi-filtered water in plastic bottles or setting up systems that often go without proper maintenance. Their business model isn't conducive to processes associated with deeply purified water that's bottled in glass.

At the company, we are definitely proponents for supplements. In fact, we love mixing Divinia with high-quality supplements and nutrients. A clinical trial conducted using Divinia Water showed that our water performed better at delivering nutrients, matching osmolality of blood and saliva, compared to deionized water. They concluded that Divinia Water is a better carrier of nutrients than deionized water with the same nutrient mix. Our recommendation? Know the quality of your supplements and what is in your water!

So what now? Well, if you are experiencing any mineral or vitamin deficiency, the best thing would be to talk to your doctor as your diet may not be balanced enough. However, if you are an active, healthy, well-balanced person who sees the value in naturally pure, clean water for hydration then we invite you to explore the internet and library, do your own research, and discover for yourself the benefits of drinking Divinia Water.

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