'EZ' Cellular Energy: Water and Sunshine

It is understood that our bodies gain energy from food and nutrients - but it is not generally understood that we can obtain energy from the sun, too! According to research from Dr. Gerald Pollack, water in our bodies absorb the sunlight to help build EZ in our cells, creating energy. This means that both sunlight and water are essential to biological functions. Dr. Pollack used a UV spectrometer to measure light absorption at different wavelength and discovered that water in the 270 nanometers of UV range (just short of visibility) actually absorbs light for energy... this is what he refers to as EZ or "Exclusion Zone" water in his research. In a separate sample testing in 2011, Dr. Pollack measured DIVINIA water at the 270 nanometer peak, verifying DIVINIA's EZ water attributes.

How Does EZ Water Transfer Energy?

Dr. Gerald Pollack found that cellular water, that is water surrounding the cells in our body, creates an Exclusion Zone (EZ) where only water exists with no solutes or colloidal solutions. This Exclusion Zone creates a charge separation of electrons and protons in the water, resulting in a battery function. When you drink "normal" water (tap, spring, regular bottled water, artesian, etc.) your body expends energy removing pollutants or toxins in order to utilize the oxygen and hydrogen (the components of pure water) as energy. Your cell membranes then use more energy to create the EZ water before absorbing it. If you're lucky, the water is clean enough to be absorbed properly without damaging the cell or mitochondria. Improper water can cause a person not to absorb water properly and actually dehydrate the cell. (Little known fact: cells likely need 3 billion molecules of water flowing through it, per second, to be properly hydrated).

When you drink purified Exclusion Zone water, with the proper charge separation, it is easily recognized and absorbed by the cell creating free energy for the mitochondria. The charge separation inside the cell causes an effective battery function, powering the chemical and physical reactions that are necessary in the mitochondria for functioning. This is why DIVINIA is so significant - DIVINIA matches the Exclusion Zone charged water found inside the cell and creates the battery effect that energizes your mitochondria. Various brands might claim Exclusion Zone properties, however, DIVINIA is tested by a university that shows the same scientific signature for Exclusion Zone water.

Spring is here and there is no better time to naturally boost your energy with the right water and getting outside to absorb sunlight. Remember to wear sunscreen/sunblock and exercise sun safety!


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