How Hydrogen in Divinia Works as an Antioxidant & What it Can Do For You

One of the more interesting and exciting aspects of DIVINIA is it's higher-than-normal energetic state (see this previous post to learn more) which translates into a weaker bond between the oxygen and hydrogen atom in the water molecule. This means that each element separates rapidly when you drink it leading to easier absorption in the body - this is why hydrogen gas is never pumped into DIVINIA Water (hydrogen gas dissipates when the container is opened anyway) and is why hydrogen in DIVINIA is known as being "bio-available" (since your cells are absorbing it in the water molecule and not free-floating gas).

Hydrogen is one of the smallest and most abundant molecules in the universe. Our bodies are built to recognize and utilize hydrogen; it has a high cellular membrane penetration capability which allows it to go deep into our cells reaching areas like the mitochondria and can selectively restrain radicals while preserving other oxygen and nitrogen species that are necessary for regular cellular function. Hydrogen interacts with the oxygen in free radicals, helping to restrain them by combining with the oxygen to make water, thus the term antioxidant.

So what can hydrogen ultimately do to aid in overall health and wellness? According to this 2016 study: "Up to date, the clinical applications of molecular hydrogen to human patients has been conducted. The small cohort patients studies or case reports revealed the safety or some promising benefits of therapeutic hydrogen in the a variety range of diseases and pathological status such as post-cardiac syndrome, Parkinson's disease, acute cerebral ischemia, metabolic syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, hemodialysis and post-psoriasis (Ichihara et al., 2015; Nakata et al., 2015; Tamura et al., 2016). More large-scale prospective clinical studies on Parkinson's disease, acute post-cardiac arrest syndrome and myocardial infarction as well as cerebral infarction are currently ongoing (Ichihara et al., 2015)."

Acting as an antioxidant, bio-available hydrogen can function in other areas, too, and can aid in inflammation, gut health, and improve skin quality.

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