How to Store (DIVINIA) Water for Food Storage/Preparedness

Keeping food and water in storage is not only smart in cases of emergency but is also cost-saving and convenient. Having food on hand when you're in a pinch can save time, money and hassle.

Here are some things to consider when including water to your food stores: 1. Store enough water for at least 2 weeks Keeping 2 weeks worth of water is a good rule of thumb. Base quantities off how many household members would be needing water, and think of any pets or vegetable plants as well. If you have the space to store more, do so! Water is one of the most important things you can keep on hand and having water for situations of a boil advisory or drought is beneficial. 2. Keep water in glass or stainless steel Water kept in glass or stainless steel (especially purified water like DIVINIA) won't go bad in 6 months, unlike spring water brands or minimally purified waters which can harbor bacterial growth. Glass and stainless steel containers are easy to keep clean, sterilize and reuse. Additionally, glass and stainless steel won't leach into water like plastic bottles often do. Keep water stored in a cool, dark place. 3. Rotate water storage If the water is stored in glass or stainless steel, you can rotate the water every 2 - 3 years. If stored in plastic the best practice would be to refresh your supply every 6 months. If storing water in drums or barrels, be sure to have a sterile way to access the water. If hands or spoons are being used to scoop the water out the water will grow bacteria quickly, so use any water touched or handled for plants or hand washing.

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