Hydrogen: Putting the 'Hy' in Hydration

Hydrogen is in an incredibly prolific and diverse atom that offers amazing benefits! Below are 5 intriguing facts about hydrogen and its role in hydration:

1. Hydrogen gas is the most abundant and prolific element in the universe, and all hydrogen in the universe originated right after the Big Bang. Hydrogen is the third most common element on Earth, following oxygen and silicon. Learn more about the science of hydrogen here.

2. Hydrogen is recognized in the scientific/medical community as a "novel" antioxidant and is continually being studied for its antioxidant benefits. This particular study defines the therapeutic use of hydrogen for anti-oxidative stress, anti-inflammatory benefits and anti-allergic effects.

3. Scientists are researching hydrogen as therapy for COVID-19 patients, concluding that "... hydrogen might mitigate the destruction caused by the cytokine storm associated with COVID-19, reducing lung injury, promoting viscous sputum drainage, and thus reducing the incidence of critically ill patients." Read the study here.

4. Although more studies are required to conclusively determine the health benefits of hydrogen, it is generally understood that hydrogen may be effective in reducing inflammation, increase energy/stamina, prevent oxidative stress, and help mitigate heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses. Read more here at WebMD.

5. Hydrogen gas is not artificially pumped into DIVINIA Water because there is no need to. Research conducted by Dr. Rustum Roy demonstrated that DIVINIA has a significantly higher energy bond between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms compared to deionized water. The higher molecular energy in DIVINIA means that hydrogen and oxygen break apart easier in chemical reactions, making the hydrogen more bio-available for the body to separate and use in the mitochondria. Read more about hydrogen and DIVINIA on the blog here.