Quick Q & A: How is DIVINIA Different?

  • Is DIVINIA bottled in plastic or aluminum? No, DIVINIA is only found in glass for quality and sustainability. You can learn more about why DIVINIA is bottled in glass here.

  • Is anything added to DIVINIA? No, DIVINIA comes from exclusive and proprietary vibrational frequency technology that naturally results in deuterium depleted, EZ water with higher oxygen content. Ingredients and gases (i.e. hydrogen or oxygen) are never artificially added to DIVINIA and, in fact, DIVINIA is the only pure water (measures at less than 1 ppm solids when bottled) with functional benefits. Our 14+ stages of purification are specifically built to remove microplastics, trace pharmaceuticals, toxins and other problematic pollutants often found in tap and spring water sources due to industrialization. You can learn more about DIVINIA's properties here.

  • Is DIVINIA alkaline? No, DIVINIA is pH balanced - neither acidic or alkaline. DIVINIA is unbuffered, meaning there is nothing added to make it acidic or alkaline. The scientifically recognized pH of pure water is a neutral pH 7. Alkaline water is often riddled with many additives to make it "functional"; alkaline water can harbor bacteria and the ingredients can be so numerous that it is too overwhelming for the human stomach and kidneys to process. You can learn more about DIVINIA being pH balanced here.

  • Is DIVINIA sold in stores? Yes, DIVINIA is sold in select locations, however, most of DIVINIA's business is through direct shipping. By purchasing DIVINIA or from DIVINIA distributors/partners you directly impact small business and support our mission to educate/readjust consumers' perspective on healthy hydration (water quality) and build a more sustainable bottled water brand. You can support DIVINIA here.