Simple Steps to Reduce Your Daily 'Toxic Load'

Whether you know it or not, you encounter hundreds (if not thousands) of toxins living in this modern world. From PFAS in your flooring to endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) in cosmetics, the air you breathe to the food you eat, toxins are everywhere. But good news! There are simple ways to reduce your toxic loads with little changes to your habits or the products you purchase on a regular basis.

Glass or stainless steel food storage

Almost all plastic food containers are comprised of BPAs, which is a notorious EDC because BPAs mimic the estrogen hormone in the body. Avoiding plastic containers and switching to glass or stainless steel will greatly reduce your daily exposure to BPAs. When it comes to heating food, a glass container is your best bet so that plastics don't leach into your food.

Drink Purified Water

Of course this is one of the most important factors to us at DIVINIA Water - offering access to clean, functional water is why we do what we do because of the health implications.

Drinking water laced with fluoride, chlorine, heavy and heavy metals (all 3 are prolific in tap, spring and most bottled waters) can severely impact your thyroid. Proper thyroid function means a healthy weight and hormone balance.

Organic Food + Cosmetics

Eating organic meats, fruits and vegetables is vital in minimizing the amount of endocrine disrupting chemicals you absorb. Pesticides and hormones in modern food processes can accumulate in your body over time, creating a build-up of hormone disrupting responses in your body!

Additionally, look for natural or organic products for topical use, too. What you put on your skin can be absorbed blood stream - when you switch to food grade oils for moisturizing, for instance, you derive numerous benefits. Not only are natural ingredients often better for your skin, your body is not fighting hormone disruptions that often show in your skin/appearances (ahem, acne) in the first place!

Encourage Faster Toxic Elimination

Exercising and sweating out toxins is one of the best ways to encourage your body to remove toxins. Furthermore, exercise and regular movement keeps your body/hormones in balance!